neville johnston

songs of my seasons


Table of Contents

like seasons
with feeling, she said
the snow would not freeze us
you are the Eve-snake
not counting sheep
the great easel
ducks squatting on the pond
winter fence
my village-snow
two willows
dance of the squirrel
black flakes
blowing leaves
march of the autumn soldiers
the shore
the reverend and i
water of life
assembly of gulls
new soldiers
memories of a murder in the streets
death at the orphanage
the night the child died
outside, looking in
the sleep
fuller than smoke
the quick of the grape
mangrove love
glass against steel
the black nun
the ambassador
and john was john the Baptist
the window
the grave-diggers
the lost men
the garnerers
the carving of time
second leviathan
st. Lawrence river
web of spider


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