neville johnston

Readers' Comments

“I am thoroughly enjoying “songs of my seasons”.

Laura McAfee
Brockville, Ontario

“Does all of this tell you I like what I have read very much?  That the indications are solid that Canada has another fine poet on the way?”

Bert Antliff
Toronto, Ontario

“. . . really quite descriptive and intriguing . . . “
“ . . . a very talented writer!”

Eva McKinnon
Montreal, Quebec

“I just finished reading “rimes of passion” and so enjoyed it.”

Inger Sparring Barraclough
Amerherstview, Ontario

“I have a copy of your poems, “songs of my seasons,” which I turn to from time to time as they are lovely read . . . “

“You are blessed to have such an imagination and doubly blessed to put your imagining into these lovely poems (in “rimes of passion”).  I read them all at one sitting and will go over them again and again to absorb the scenes . . . and to enjoy the rhythm of the words.”

"..the lovely words (in "wild as whippoorwills in the night") brought tears to my eyes. I was also overcome with nostalgia when i read the two poems about Morristown. I think of you as the "Bard of Brockville" as well as the "poet of the isles".

Kate Dalton,
Victoria, British Columbia

“I have just finished reading “rimes of passion” and so enjoyed it!  Thank you for sharing your creative gift of words with us.”

Anna Alexander
Brockville, Ontario

“So with my last editorial breath I must pay my respects to Neville Johnston, born in Jamaica, a lawyer who practices in Brockville, Ontario .  . who does not belong to any literary school or clique, who is neither academic nor non-academic, but who simply writes some good poems which are worth reading.”

(extract from Editorial of the Summer of 1974 edition of “The Fiddlehead”)

Professor Kent Thompson, Editor, “The   Fiddlehead,” University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick

“I did so enjoy your “rimes of passion” and am just so sorry that John is not here to have been able to read it as well as I.  You certainly have a most wonderful talent and how could you manage to be such a successful lawyer – a rare combination!”

Gloria Mackenzie
Brockville, Ontario


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