neville johnston

the chalice full: poems for the common man


Table of Contents

If in the epitaph of wineless glory

the mountainleaf

i count the years upon five fingers

ode to Dylan


lovers in Frankfurt, years later

the smell of the green

infinity: tribute to a mother

the winter that time

now that the years have spittled me

our bread is watered in the wine

forest for the trees


a winter’s tale

pickerel at Molly’s Gut*

to a war veteran


because of kisses in the snow

blythe spirits

these, at Shiloh Church


branding irons

de profundis

twelve circles

we who have fallen


death of a stranger

eyes of Israel

rivers of blood*

qui sumus

to the patriot judge*

when like horses

until the start of time

this island mine

love poem


something, nothing

inferno, at Dante’s chapel

the drowning

the last wait

contemplations, at Bass Lake*

second cousins

spiral of smoke

poems published

moonsong: the folklore

moonsong: the madness

moonsong: the adventure

moonsong: the landing

moonsong: the romance

like some black hole

to pay the piper

soul out of soul

like mme. lafarge

the medal, posthumously



Available For Sale

Songs of my Seasons

Rimes of Passion

wild as whippoorwills in the night

the chalice full: poems for the common man