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A chance sexual encounter between Quamina, a mysterious black freewoman, and Lord Alexander Harlan, the wealthy and powerful white owner of the 18th century Jamaica sugar cane plantation Paragon Hall, sets in motion a chain of events which drastically alter the course of history of the Harlan dynasty and their plantation. Through the clever scheming of Quamina, the fair-skinned son of a slave-girl enjoys the wealth and privilege of being a Harlan, while his dark-skinned twin brother is cast into the wretched life of a slave. Sparks fly when a murder at Paragon Hall pits the powerful fair-skinned brother sitting as a Judge against his dark-skinned twin on trial for murder.

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ROAD TO OBLIVION is a Historical Thriller set in Western Europe on the eve of the bloody Battle of the Somme in World War One. The plot is interwoven with espionage, murder, romance, deception, manipulation, injustice, and the horrors of war.

Osbie McDonald, a Jamaican volunteer in the British Military, is drafted into the Intelligence Corps and is sent on a special mission to deliver a TOP SECRET communication to the French Maréchal in Chantilly. While on the mission, he has an affair with a beautiful French nurse Marie, who entertains him in Chantilly and Paris, no expense spared. He suspects Marie of spying for the Germans and of murdering a journalist in a Paris art gallery. Kidnapped by German operatives, he is taken to Zurich and Berlin, where he is repeatedly interrogated. With the assistance of a pretty underground operative Gerda and a French undercover inspector Bourque, who has followed him all the way into Berlin, he undertakes a daring escape, leaving a trail of dead bodies behind in his wake, as he struggles for survival. At a trial of Marie for treason and murder, shocking revelations are made. Anticipation grips the reader’s mind in the search for the answers to the question: What will be the ultimate fate of the hapless Osbie McDonald? What is to become of his beautiful lover Marie?

Neville Johnston, a native of Jamaica, has resided in Canada since 1959. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) from the University of Toronto and a Doctor Juris degree (J.D.) from Osgoode Hall Law School (York University). His first novel BURDEN OF BONDAGE was released in January, 2021 and is available on and as an E-book or paperback.

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THE SHADOW OF THE FORCE is a Crime Thriller set in Toronto, Bern, Florence, Rome and Paris in the early 1980’s. The dominant themes are crime, mystery, suspense, and courtroom drama. When filthy rich Toronto lawyer Fred Bruni is found dead at his desk in his law office following a business trip to Bern, Florence and Rome, the coroner ‘s verdict is suicide. But his wife Isolde refuses to accept that Fred died by his own hand. With the stark realization that she knows ‘zilch’ about the nature and extent of Fred’s law practice, she embarks on an investigation of her own, which takes her to Bern, Florence, and Paris. In Bern, she hires a private investigator, ‘the great Fankhauser’, to assist her in the hunt for Fred’s murderer, which leads him on a dangerous and deadly mission into the heart of Rome. What follows is a series of spine-chilling occurrences involving a malevolent international organization and a mysterious secret poison, which both have their roots in the renowned Medici family of Renaissance Italy. The intrigue heightens to fever pitch when the hunted becomes the hunter and the hunter the hunted, with violence and dead bodies strewn along the paths, in a world fraught with fear and terror.

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