Poetry Books

Songs Of My Seasons

Table of Contents

like seasons
with feeling, she said
the snow would not freeze us
you are the Eve-snake
not counting sheep
the great easel
ducks squatting on the pond
winter fence
my village-snow
two willows
dance of the squirrel
black flakes
blowing leaves
march of the autumn soldiers
the shore
the reverend and i
water of life
assembly of gulls
new soldiers
memories of a murder in the streets
death at the orphanage
the night the child died
outside, looking in
the sleep
fuller than smoke
the quick of the grape
mangrove love
glass against steel
the black nun
the ambassador
and john was john the Baptist
the window
the grave-diggers
the lost men
the garnerers
the carving of time
second leviathan
st. Lawrence river
web of spider

Rimes Of Passion

Table of Contents

shebirds 1
symbiosis 2
prisms 3
too cold the ground 4
preamble 5
stonethrowers 6
on the night of all nights 7
before fire 8
come down again 9
like this blood, wine 10
chameleon by train 11
cantata 12
destiny 13
a city is the common pulse 14
Amsterdam too late 15
immortality 16
if I had tongue 17
mother and child 18
Paris, before the fire 19
man of Delphi 20
hope for roads 21
perspective 22
in tempore 23
a dance in seven veils 24
the eyes are blinded in the light 25
return to Dylan 26
the passion and the vision 27
townfolk of Heidlbruggen 28
turn my turbines 29
winterearth 30
one innocent morn 31
salute 32
small town in Holland 33
the grove 34
at first, I took the train 35
ode to time 36
wet woods 37
plethora, by camillia 38
solitaire 39
a dog called duke 40
because you read camillia 41
kaleidoscope 42
the unsophistication of milady 43
seagull 44
oblivious of the boys 45
fantasy concocted in a dream 46
maestro 47
farewell, o chief from Indian Head 48
sinews of the heart 49
redemption 50
figures of wood and wire 51
it is an open testimony 52
third degree burns 53
spires 54

Wild As Whippoorwills In The Night

Table of Contents

in the resurrection of time long past 1
camillia in the spring 2
fire 3
father time, sister wind 4
windmills 5
clean circle 6
space has no end 7
woman 8
the bankrupt man 9
the crowd 10
so what, faust, if for a while 11
ships without sails 12
the alien 13
the last horseman 14
ponds of love 15
pictures at Kensington Park 16
camillia’s dream 17
tribal ritual 18
the secret 19
fire, like soul 20
marathon man 21
epilogue in Britain 22
Morristown, across the river 23
kings and judges 24
the promise 25
the bridge 26
i remember a man 27
to schroeter* 28
cry uncle 29
professors at dinner 30
the prayer 31
sun-day 32
this greyness 33
after eclipse 34
the genesis of morning-sounds 35
summer-sketch 36
stagecoach 38
on the loss of a virginity 39
no ice 40
mad woman nude 41
Three Sisters* 42
tribute, on an early passing* 43
the garden 44
lloyd’s friend 45
dawn, on Morristown 46
break and enter 47
the boys are off to war 48
ancient arts 49
under a sycamore tree 50
and who would dare the sun 51
the churchyard 52
reluctantly 53
whippoorwills 54

The Chalice Full: Poems For The Common Man

Table of Contents

If in the epitaph of wineless glory

the mountainleaf

i count the years upon five fingers

ode to Dylan


lovers in Frankfurt, years later

the smell of the green

infinity: tribute to a mother

the winter that time

now that the years have spittled me

our bread is watered in the wine

forest for the trees


a winter’s tale

pickerel at Molly’s Gut*

to a war veteran


because of kisses in the snow

blythe spirits

these, at Shiloh Church


branding irons

de profundis

twelve circles

we who have fallen


death of a stranger

eyes of Israel

rivers of blood*

qui sumus

to the patriot judge*

when like horses

until the start of time

this island mine

love poem


something, nothing

inferno, at Dante’s chapel

the drowning

the last wait

contemplations, at Bass Lake*

second cousins

spiral of smoke

poems published

moonsong: the folklore

moonsong: the madness

moonsong: the adventure

moonsong: the landing

moonsong: the romance

like some black hole

to pay the piper

soul out of soul

like mme. lafarge

the medal, posthumously